Auto-Renew Membership

Subscribers enrolled in Auto-Renew Membership receive exclusive benefits!

Auto-Renew Membership is available to all Broadway at The National subscribers for future seasons, but the enrollment period for 2023/2024 is now closed.

Auto-Renew Members are first in line to the hottest Broadway shows in D.C. Auto-Renew Members are automatically renewed into the Broadway at The National Season each year and are included in the first group to access online season seat upgrades. Auto-Renew Members gain exclusive access to our extended monthly payment plan.

By enrolling in Auto-Renew: Your Broadway at The National season tickets will automatically renew yearly until you cancel.  Prior to our season announcement, we will send you an email reminder that your card will be charged in 15 days. Because the cost of a season ticket may change, the amount you will be charged each year will be posted on our website on the date of the season announcement, a date that varies from year to year. You may cancel the Auto-Renew enrollment anytime by calling Season Ticket Services at 877-302-2929 or emailing If you cancel Auto-Renew, you will be prompted to renew the following season.